2006 International Braun Ambulance
“Medic 626”

Purchased in 2006, this ambulance is equipped with advanced life saving tools.  Purchased for $225,000, and replaced the 1994 ambulance that the village had used, this ambulance is used for EMS runs within and surrounding the Village of Bradner.

2014 International Braun Ambulance
“Medic 627”

Purchased in 2014 for $270,000, this ambulance is also used for EMS runs within and surrounding the Village of Bradner, and is equipped with the same life saving tools as Medic 626.

2001 KME Custom Fire Engine
“Engine 621”

Purchased in 2001 for $267,000, this engine has a 1,500 gallon per minute pump that carries 500 gallons of water.  It contains a 9,000 watt hydraulic generator with a 6,000 watt light tower and carries extraction equipment for vehicle accidents with entrapment.  This engine can carry 10 personnel to emergency situations.

2009 HME Custom Fire Engine
“Engine 620”

Purchased in 2009 for $360,000, this engine also has a 1,500 gallon a minute pump, like Engine 621; however, it is set up strictly for fires and carries 6 personnel on board.  This engine has a 12,000 watt hydraulic generator and a 9,000 watt light tower.

2019 Rosenbauer RXT Tanker
“Tanker 622”

Purchased in 2019 for $223,585, this tanker has a 500 gallon per minute pump and carries 2,000 gallons of water. It sits on a Freightliner M2 Chassis and carries 2 personnel.

1929 Model A Ford Fire Truck
“Bradner’s First Fire Truck”

On April 13, 1929, the village council voted to purchase a 1929 Model A Ford fire truck from the Prospect Fire Equipment Company for $3,000. The truck was a deluge triple combination pumper, chemical and hose truck. The pump capacity was 300 gallons per minute at 120 pound pressure. The truck was delivered June 11, 1929. This was the village’s first motorized vehicle and it is still owned by the village and maintained by the fire department today.